Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

A Question of Balance…

Got the shakes? Don’t blame last night out, blame your unbalanced wheels. They can lead to a bumpy ride, vibrations, wear and tear on your tyres’ tread and your car’s suspension system, as well as on your wallet through reduced fuel economy.

All about tyre balance


Wheel balancing or tyre balancing involves making sure each tyre is going to spin smoothly and evenly on its axis. Each tyre and axis is weighted slightly differently, so tyre balancing is an important procedure to allow you the smoothest ride in your vehicle.


Tyre balancing is a necessary and normal part of owning a vehicle – and it’s important to get this done regularly too. That’s because as your tyres wear down, the balance will slowly change over time too. We’d recommend getting your wheels balanced at the same time you come to see us in Auckland for a tyre rotation service.

When should you get your wheels balanced?


You should get your wheels balanced every 10,000km, or when:


  • The vehicle starts shaking at certain speeds
  • Vibrations start travelling up your steering wheel
  • You have new tyres fitted
  • Irregular tyre wear becomes obvious – in which case you probably need new ones!


Don’t grin and bear it through those bumps and vibrations – come and see us and we can put things to rights, or let you know if you’ve got a more serious problem on your hands (like a bent wheel). Look after your tyres, care for them properly and they will look after you and your wallet for many years!



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