Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

A Question of Balance…

Do your vehicles steering wheel shake or vibrate at a certain speed, if yes then It is possible that a wheel weight has shifted or come off and could possibly be the reason for the vibration?

All about tyre balance


Wheel balancing involves making sure each tyre is going to spin smoothly and evenly on its axis. Each tyre and axis are weighted slightly differently, so tyre balancing is an important procedure to allow you the smoothest ride in your vehicle.


Tyre balancing is a necessary and is a normal part of maintaining your tyres and should form part of the tyre rotation process. Mainly because rotating the wheels means that you are shifting the wheel from one position to another, which could generally cause a vibration. So, the Discount Tyre team recommend having the wheel balancing services seen to at the time as the having the rotation done.

When should you get your wheels balanced?


You should get your wheels balanced


  • Every 10,000km, or every 6 months when 
  • The vehicle starts shaking at certain speeds
  • Vibrations start travelling up your steering wheel
  • When you are having your tyre rotation done


Regular tyre rotation and wheel balancing contributes to longer tyre life.