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Dunlop Tyres New Zealand

Prior to the 2006 closure of the Upper Hutt plant Dunlop was New Zealand's leading tyre manufacturer with a history in New Zealand dating back over 100 years. It has played a key role in the development of New Zealand, providing not just tyres but a range of other rubber products needed for an expanding economy.

Dunlop tyres are sourced from Australia and from Dunlop plants all around the world. Tyres continue to be exported from Upper Hutt to Countries worldwide.

Dunlop has a proud and successful motorsport heritage in New Zealand, since the earliest beach and cinder track motorcycle races, through to many of today's premier motorsport events. The Dunlop Motorsport service tent will be found at most major events providing technical knowledge, advanced racing tyres and service to race and rally competitors.



Goodyear Tyres New Zealand

Goodyear tyres have been transporting New Zealanders safely for over 100 years. The Goodyear name and wing foot are synonymous throughout the world for tyres of the highest quality and performance, made with the full expertise of the worlds #1 tyre manufacturer.



BF Goodrich Tyres

Benjamin Franklin Goodrich founded America's first rubber company in 1870 and invented the world's first tubeless tyre in 1947. From the first car marketed in the United States, through to the take-offs and landings of the Columbia space shuttle, BFGoodrich tyres have led an adventurous life.

The company's can-do, try-anything attitude has earned it an all-action, all-fun reputation. BFGoodrich is closely linked to the concept of driving pleasure, whether at the wheel of a 4x4 in a thick cloud of dust, or at the controls of a powerful thoroughbred. Its tyres meet the expectations of demanding drivers who are looking for control, performance and fun driving. Its innovative approach has produced a multitude of remarkable products and made BFGoodrich a legend in the tyre industry.



Yokohama Tyres

Engineered for the ultimate in High Performance, Yokohama tyres are designed and built to bring out the best in your cars performance.

Precise cornering response, superb traction and feel for the road are some of the hallmarks of Yokohama high performance technology. These qualities are obtained through a careful balance of design, construction and material selection. Yokohama's leading edge technologies are constantly tested and refined by extensive worldwide motorsport activity.

Yokohama has the widest range of high performance tyres available to suit the individual needs of every motorist.



Michelin Tyres

Michelin sells more tyres around the world than any other manufacturer. Its tyres can be bought in 170 countries. Known worldwide through the Michelin Man, or Bibendum, Michelin is an iconic brand that stands for exceptional safety and comfort. Michelin has developed over 3,500 types of tyre for vehicles as diverse as bicycles, aircraft, cars and the NASA space shuttle.

Engineered for outstanding durability, Michelin tyres have earned a reputation for resilience and long life. Michelin's wide range delivers the classic Michelin smooth, quiet ride for all types of vehicles and applications. Many Michelin tyres incorporate Green X low rolling resistance technology, a silica compound that delivers increased fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance, tyre life or comfort.



Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli was founded in Milan by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in 1872. With 22 factories and more than 20,000 employees, it is now one of the world's top tyre manufacturers. Its racing heritage and off-road credibility means Pirelli stands at the premium end of the market.

Over one hundred years' experience in tyre technology has enabled Pirelli to imbue its products maximum levels of security, longevity and comfort. Each Pirelli tyre provides outstanding performance and a "feel for the road". With typical Italian flair, Pirelli brings style and raciness to its tyres.



Falken Tyres

At its inception, Falken was created as the flagship high performance radial brand under Ohtsu Tire and Rubber. Now, over two and a half decades later, Falken continues to focus on UHP (Ultra High Performance) products and utilising professional motorsports racing to further develop and improve passenger vehicle products for worldwide distribution.



Duro Tyres

Duro Tire, where world standards of quality meet products unrivaled in durability and safety. Begun with a vision to manufacture quality products while operating with integrity, Duro Tire has grown to become an industry leader with operations in Asia and across the United States.



Bridgestone Tyres

Synonymous with Formula One and renowned by drivers all around the world, Bridgestone is the mark of a truly outstanding tyre. This quality is reflected in the range of excellent car tyres, 4x4 tyres, van tyres and commercial tyres available here in New Zealand. Comfort, performance, durability… whatever you're looking for, Bridgestone tyres are the ultimate compliment to your driving experience.


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